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We have extensive experience in conducting psychological assessments for motor vehicle accident claims, personal injury and disability claims such as LTD, medical malpractice claims, and immigration.

Various psychotherapeutic techniques can be conducted to achieve recovery. These are tailored to individual needs and requirements.

We are a knowledgeable professional and dedicated team of Psychotherapists who work with our Psychologists. Our psychotherapists also assist individuals, and couples.

We explain the differences between Psychologists and Psychotherapists. Different Degrees, similar services, same expert care.


Pilowsky Psychology is able to address concerns of anxiety, depression, adjustment issues, pain management, and trauma, amongst others. The diverse expertise provided by our team aims at meeting our patients needs. Pilowsky Psychology provides a comfortable and safe place, which allows them to explore, identify, and collaboratively create solutions in regards to their concerns.

Established in 1994, our practice focuses on the areas of Clinical and Rehabilitation Psychology as well Counseling and Psychotherapy. We also conduct Psychovocational and Psychological Assessments in Toronto.

Getting Help is a Call Away

Our Practice focuses on the areas of Clinical and Rehabilitation Psychology, Psychological Assessments as well Counseling and Psychotherapy. We are here to help so please call us and we will be happy to help. Call us now.


4 Beamish Drive

Toronto, ON M9B 3P3

Tel: 416-239-9042

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Email inquiries: info@pilowsky.com

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