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Therapy Sessions
Our Approach

Pilowsky Psychology is able to address concerns of anxiety, depression, adjustment issues, pain management, and trauma, amongst others. The diverse expertise provided by our team aims at meeting our patients needs. Pilowsky Psychology provides a comfortable and safe place, which allows them to explore, identify, and collaboratively create solutions in regards to their concerns.

About Us

Established in 1994, our practice focuses on the areas of Clinical and Rehabilitation Psychology as well Counseling and Psychotherapy. We also conduct Psychovocational and Psychological Assessments in Toronto.

Getting Help is a Call Away

Our Practice focuses on the areas of Clinical and Rehabilitation Psychology, Psychological Assessments as well Counseling and Psychotherapy. We are here to help so please call us and we will be happy to help. Call us now.


Self Esteem


Anger Management



Your privacy will be completely protected, and everything you disclose during an assessment or therapy session will remain confidential, unless there are extraordinary circumstances. We follow a Code of Ethics that strictly prohibits us from revealing information  provided by you. Information will only be shared with your signed consent.


4 Beamish Drive

Toronto, ON M9B 3P3

Tel: 416-239-9042

Fax: 416-239-3927

Email inquiries:

Mon - Fri: 9am - 5pm *

​​Saturday: Closed *

​Sunday: Closed *

* Appointments available after hours*

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