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Romantic jealousy can be emotionally very painful and quite destructive to a relationship. Jealousy can be a normal reaction, especially when the person perceives a real threat to the relationship and reacts in a reasonable fashion. When there is no evidence of a real or even a probable threat to the relationship, and a person engages in extreme and damaging thoughts and behaviours, it is important that he or she receive professional help. Please get in touch with us if you believe that you may have a problem with jealousy, as it is likely causing you a great deal of anguish, and we can help.


We have extensive experience in conducting Toronto's best psychological assessments for motor-vehicle accident claims, WISB, personal injury and disability claims (including LTD, ODSP, CPP), and medical malpractice claims. Our distinguished roster of Registered Psychologists also handle psychovocational options, psycho-legal reports and immigration cases for refugees.