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Couples Counseling

If day-to-day stressors are having a negative impact on your relationship with your partner, you can learn techniques to minimize its impact and make the most of your relationship. Some factors that often plague relationships include infidelity, jealousy, communication problems, and intimacy issues. These problems could lead to you and your partner growing apart and possibly to separation or divorce. With our help, you can learn to deal with stressors, and improve the quality of your relationship in which both you and your partner feel valued and respected.

We have extensive experience in conducting Toronto's best psychological assessments for motor-vehicle accident claims, WISB, personal injury and disability claims (including LTD, ODSP, CPP), and medical malpractice claims. Our distinguished roster of Registered Psychologists also handle psychovocational options, psycho-legal reports and immigration cases for refugees.

Referrals are welcomed but are not required. Call us today or ask your family doctor how a Psychologist can help!