Assessment Services

We have extensive experience in conducting psychological assessments for motor-vehicle accident claims, WISB, personal injury and disability claims (including LTD, ODSP, CPP), and medical malpractice claims. We also handle psychovocational options, psycho-legal reports and immigration cases for refugees.

Psychological Services

Anger Management

Though you may feel that anger is automatic and your temper is simply part of your character, anger is actually an emotional reaction that can be changed, like any other. The key is to become conscious of your tendency to react, and to choose to act differently. Through anger management therapy, you will discover that you have the power to eliminate unwanted, aggressive reactions and to replace them with more productive responses. You will learn to gain control of your emotions, and ultimately, your life.


The essential feature of anxiety is acute apprehension and worry, and can include such physical symptoms as fatigue, muscle tension, difficulty concentrating, restlessness, irritability, and problems with sleep. Anxiety may be triggered by a particular source, or by a variety of issues or events that we may not even be aware were upsetting us. In therapy, we can help you manage the tendency to worry “too much”, and show you how to manage unproductive anxiety. We use techniques such as muscle relaxation, biofeedback, breathing exercises, time-management tools, and other proven methods to reduce anxiety.


Biofeedback in a therapeutic technique in which we teach our patients to use the signals from their own bodies to improve their psychological well-being. By learning more about how our bodies react to psychological distress, individuals are better able to control their emotional reactions and cope more effectively. Biofeedback has been proven to be particularly effective in helping people with stress and anxiety-related problems.

Body Image

Body image has become a prominent source of concern in our society. Perhaps you are considering drastic measures to improve physical aspects of your body you are not happy with. Often, people view cosmetic surgery as a solution to all their problems. From a psychological perspective, the reasons for considering appearance-altering procedures should be examined. We can assist you in exploring such issues as why you wish to change and what you can expect emotionally, during and after surgery.

Couples Counseling

If day-to-day stressors are having a negative impact on your relationship with your partner, you can learn techniques to minimize its impact and make the most of your relationship. Some factors that often plague relationships include infidelity, jealousy, communication problems, and intimacy issues. These problems could lead to you and your partner growing apart and possibly to separation or divorce. With our help, you can learn to deal with stressors, and improve the quality of your relationship in which both you and your partner feel valued and respected.


Depression is a psychological disorder that profoundly affects a person’s functioning. Symptoms include: low mood, suicidal thoughts, feelings of guilt or worthlessness, loss of interest in things you previously enjoyed, concentration difficultly, and feelings of loneliness. If you believe you are suffering from depression, we can help you cope and improve, through established therapeutic techniques.


Persons who suffer major changes in their physical health are often upset or even devastated by this change. We can help you learn techniques to alleviate these feelings; fears about future recovery, and how to cope with pain and stress.

Domestic violence

Violence in a relationship often stems from issues of control and power. If you are experiencing physical, emotional or sexual abuse, it is time to seek assistance. Conversely, if you realize that you are behaving towards your loved ones in an abusive and controlling manner, we can teach you essential skills to gain control of this damaging situation.

Grief and loss

The loss of a loved one is a very difficult situation. There is no right way of coping with death – each person responds to his/her loss in their own individual way. Grief can include an attempt to maintain the emotional bond with the deceased while experiencing the reality of the loss. Grief and depression are different, but in many cases a depressive illness follows the loss of a loved one. Symptoms of acute grief include feelings of worthlessness and guilt; thoughts of suicide, and a prolonged inability to return to important aspects of functioning such as working or enjoying leisure activities. Grief counseling can help you navigate the stages of grief in a supportive way, and teach you how to accept the loss, as well as identify and express feelings related to the loss. The goal is to learn to live without the deceased, make decisions alone and form new relationships.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Motor vehicle accidents have the potential to be highly traumatizing events, whether sustained by you or a loved one, invoking a high level of helplessness, vulnerability, and the perception of threat. Often times, it is the physical injuries that are the focus of healthcare professionals after an accident; however, the psychological and emotional toll can be acute or develop into chronic conditions, including anxiety or posttraumatic stress, depression, the exacerbation of pre-existing emotional concerns, cognitive dysfunction, and the somatization of pain. We utilize a multitude of techniques to provide you with healthy coping strategies to manage your psychological symptoms and bolster your coping strategies, as well as to guard against the development of latent symptoms, in order to assist you to return to your pre-accident functioning in your workplace, household, familial, social, and recreational lifestyles.


Romantic jealousy can be emotionally very painful and quite destructive to a relationship. Jealousy can be a normal reaction, especially when the person perceives a real threat to the relationship and reacts in a reasonable fashion. When there is no evidence of a real or even a probable threat to the relationship, and a person engages in extreme and damaging thoughts and behaviours, it is important that he or she receive professional help. Please get in touch with us if you believe that you may have a problem with jealousy, as it is likely causing you a great deal of anguish, and we can help.

Pain Management

Psychological factors play a very important role in a person’s adjustment to pain. These factors include mood, coping style, and beliefs about the experience of pain. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy has been found to be highly effective in helping people manage their pain. The treatment is tailored to the individual needs of the person, and it generally aims to modify negative thoughts related to pain and increase a person’s level of activity and functioning. Our team of therapists has extensive experience in helping people with pain management.

Psychovocational assessments

Psychovocational assessments are primarily utilized to evaluate whether or not you able to engage in your previous occupation following an accident or disability. If you are working, a psychovocational assessment can be used to identify areas of reduced capacity and to address future employability either in a prior job or an alternate field. In the event that you are unable to work and need additional training to return to the workforce, a psychovocational assessment may provide recommendations for future training as well. Suggestions about training address your overall capacity, and job placement recommendations are likewise suited to you from a physical, psychological, and personality perspective. In order to evaluate your capacities, we will use a variety of testing instruments and diagnostic tools.


With the increasing tensions associated with modern life, it is often difficult to manage our anxiety and stress-related problems. At Pilowsky Psychology, we have a great deal of experience helping people with anxiety problems through relaxation. We teach our patients to use several relaxation techniques, such as deep breathing, meditation and breathing exercises. We can also teach you how to become desensitized to specific causes of anxiety.


Self-esteem can largely affect our happiness and success in life, and it can influence our interpersonal relationships. Self-esteem involves being confident enough to cope with life challenges, and viewing ourselves as worthy of happiness. With poor self-esteem, we may shy away from life opportunities, fail to reach our greatest potential, and be unable to experience the joy of success. We can determine the source of low self-esteem, help to improve self-esteem, and allow you to become your “better you”.

Stress in the Workplace

During therapy, you can learn to deal with typical problems that lead to stress at work, including toxic work environments, overwhelming workload demands, performance pressures and deadlines.

Stress Management

Stress is difficult to define, but it broadly refers to a person’s physical and emotional reaction to change in their environment. Stress can be positive, as it can motivate us to do things or to react quickly to things. When stress happens often or lasts too long, however, it can have negative effects, such as insomnia, stomach problems, anxiety, low mood, irritability, and others. At Pilowsky Psychology, we can help you manage your stress with a variety of techniques that have been proven effective.